The nutritional superstar

Every bite delivers a mighty dose of vitamins A, C, K and folate and is a fantastic source of fibre and rutin. Perfect for a healthy lifestyle.


Where can I get Mangaweka Asparagus?

Our asparagus is available at a number of different outlets throughout the country.
You will find it at your local supermarket with the distinctive 'Mangaweka Asparagus' label.

If you are in our local area, you will find us at the Fielding Farmers Market on Friday mornings and in Taihape on Friday afternoons.
You can also pick up a bag from 'Papa Cliffs Café' on your way through Mangaweka.

The Mangaweka difference

Here are a few of the many reasons why we think Mangaweka Asparagus is the best:


Fresh is best

Our cool store is centred right in the middle of our asparagus crop, meaning the asparagus is chilled almost immediately after picking. This means our asparagus will stay crisp and fresher for longer.

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Our Location

Located in the beautiful Kawhatau Valley, our asparagus thrives on the stoney free-draining river terrace. With the cool nights and mild spring days, you will be doing well to find a better spot to give that sweet juicy flavour.

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Spray Free

During our three month harvest season, the crop is left completely to nature. This means we can be certain that every spear that leaves our property hasn’t seen a drop of spray. You can rest assured that what you are eating has only seen clean country air.

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Our workers

A large part of our workforce comes from Vanuatu. Every time you purchase a bunch of Mangaweka Asparagus, you are directly helping the lives of these young men and their families who need it most back home.

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Fun fact

Asparagus contains 'asparagusic acid', a sulphur-based compound that our bodies break down into chemicals that can give a characteristic whiff to your pee as little as an hour or two after eating!